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The Magician Antonio Esfandiari – Biography and Achievements

Antonio Esfandiari is a true magician in the world of poker. In poker circles he is called “The Magician” or “MagicAntonio”. A magician in the past, he does such wonders at the poker table that are in power of far from every pro.

The birth of a new name

Future poker stars bender was born in Tehran (Iran), December 8, 1978. At the age of 9 Esfandiari moved with his family from his native city to California and settled in San Jose. At birth he was given a name Amir Esfandiari, but having grown up, he changed it to Antonio – “jointing battle”.  The new name partly determined the fate of the charismatic young man.

Esfandiari became a magician thanks to barman’s good graces, deftly manipulating different objects. 19-year-old Antonio enthusiastically plunged into the world of magic, dedicating most of his time to training. Two years later he had already his fans and a regular income. Dealing with cards he began to show interest in poker. Tricks lost thei popularity, while poker boom involved most card players. Antonio managed to “catch the wave” and join the world of poker.

Antonio Esfandiari

Tournament results

In Esfandiari’s poker fate, outstanding was February of 2004, when Antonio decided to take part in the L.A. Series Poker Classic WPT tournament. Victory in this prestigious tournament brought the young magician considerable prize – $ 1 399 135 and he became the youngest winner in poker history of World Poker Tour series. Just in 3 months MagicAntonio got his first bracelet and $ 184 860 for the victory at the Pot Limit Hold’em 35th WSOP.

2005 – 2009 were marked by repeated prizes and final tables, but the most remarkable victory was ahead. In 2010 Esfandiari earned $ 870 124 for the 1st place at the WPT No Limit Hold’em, and in 2012 he achieved an incredible victory in the WSOP tournament – a prize of $ 18 346 673 and a second (platinum) bracelet. A few months later, Antonio secured his success, becoming the third time winner of the WSOP tournament.

On the wave of positive

Esfandiari managed to earn the highest number of prizes in offline tournaments – the amount exceeded $ 26 000 000. With his considerable fortune, Esfandiari enjoys his life, by example demonstrating how one has to enjoy life. This does not prevent him from investing part of his earnings in his future.

Antonio is known as a positive, communicative and absolutely fearless player. Being 36 years old, Antonio managed to distinguish himself not only in the tournament battles. He is a habitue of the poker television shows, starred in a number of films about poker, acts in commercials with pleasure, signed contract with online casino, and wrote a book about the intricacies of poker.