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Annie Duke Biography and Achievements

Annie Duke is one of the most famous representatives of the beautiful half of the poker world. This fragile and smiling woman, who began her playing career at age of 22, is nicknamed “The Duchess of Poker” and continues to amaze public with her great victories.

Annie Duke’s Biography

The future champion of poker was born on the 13th of September, 1965 in the US state of New Hampshire, in the small town of Concord. In 1989 she successfully graduated from Columbia University with a degree of psychologist, and after that she continued her study at the graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania. However, she did not graduate there, and in 1992 she moved to Montana with her husband for the sake of the family.

To poker Annie was also addicted by her family at the age of 22. At first she played with her father and brother, and then she started her professional career. However, it was brother who taught Annie ins and outs of poker since he was a famous player, and former co-owner of one of the world’s most famous poker rooms – Full Tilt. His name is Howard Lederer.

Annie Duke

However Annie was bought to professional career of poker player by the need. Her young family really needed money, and her husband could not cope with the payment of the mortgage for the house. Just then her brother offered her to try herself at the arena of WSOP.


Despite her resounding success in the poker world, until 2004 the world community of players knew nothing about Annie. For several years she was consulting beginners of poker, one of the most famous among them was Ben Affleck, who won California Texas Holdem championship in 2004. The same year Annie herself became the owner of gold bracelet at the world-famous WSOP, where she won more than 130 thousand dollars. After that she received an invitation to participate in the “Tournament of Champions”, which she successfully won and got $ 2 million.

It is interesting that Annie’s two-million prize became the largest in the history of poker won by the fair sex. After this event, there were smaller victories that did not usually exceed 100 thousand dollars. But in 2010, at the NBC championship Annie won more than half a million dollars, having beat in the final of three games the very Seidel, who, for his career as a player, won more than $ 9 million.

At the moment, Annie continues to participate in tournaments, is the author of several acclaimed books on poker, and is a personal trainer for many popular Hollywood actors, including Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.