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Annette Obrestad – Biography and Achievements

Annette Obrestad can be called one of the most successful and at the same time, one of the youngest members of a big poker. For her small, but very bright career, the Norwegian managed to visit the world’s largest poker tournaments, placing high 68 times. And the most interesting fact in her biography is that for her entire professional career, Obrestad never deposited on her own money: all bankrolls she made due to freerolls.


Annette Obrestad was born in a very small town of Sandnes, in Norway, in 1988.

Annette’s passion for professional poker began at the age of 15. Just then she took part in her first poker games in one of the online poker rooms. And soon she achieved considerable successes in poker and practically abandoned school. But even earlier Annette’s father got her used to this game, and once even decided to set aside a certain budget for the first “promotion” of his daughter. So at the age of 15, Annette began her career at the world famous PokerStars.

Annette Obrestad


Over the years, Annette played exclusively online poker and did not even think about the world’s major tournaments. Her career in online poker rooms, where she spent countless games, was really very successful. However, Annette achieved world-wide fame in 2007, one day before she turned 19. Just then she managed to come first at the Europe Main Event and won her first gold bracelet at the WSOP. It is interesting that Annette, up to now, is listed in the WSOP tournament’s history as the youngest WSOP winner of the Gold-bracelet. And it is WSOP that allowed her to earn more than $ 2 million. If to take this very point, she can compete only with, perhaps, not less famous Annie Duke, who in 2004 at the same WSOP, but in Vegas, also won impressive $ 2 million, but she was older than the Norwegian.

By the way, 2007 still remains one of the most successful years in Annette’s career. His very year at the European Poker Tour in Dublin Obrestad came second and won around 300 thousand euros.

Besides, Annette registered huge amount of victories in online poker. One of the largest among them was a victory in the Full Tilt tournament, where she got as many as half a million dollars.

Today, Obrestad continues her career and is a member of the team of the known poker room – Betfair Poker.