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Allen Cunningham – Biography and Achievements

Have you ever heard a poker nickname “Clever Piggy”? If yes, then surely you know about such star of poker world as Allen Cunningham. This American player is a plain evidence of how well-adjusted strategies and skills allow you to turn poker into a means of really decent life. Another nickname of Allen, clearly reflecting his character, is “Silent Killer”. Despite his outstanding results, Allen is really incredibly silent player and not a public person, which, in principle, is not typical for the young poker players. But, apparently, this is a hidden secret of his real success.

Allen Cunningham’s Biography

Cunningham was born in California on the 28th of March, 1977. He got interested in poker in early childhood due to his parents. At the age of 14, Allan was determined to make poker a business of all his life. And I must say that he did not go wrong.

Allen Cunningham

Allan is an engineer by education, however, he didn’t work in the main specialty. For a long time he boiled the pot at the shopping center, or as a courier, delivering pizza. It is interesting that being a student, future poker star spent rather considerable sums on poker, and it even began to frighten his parents. Soon, Allan became a member of the casino in the daily freeroll with prize re-buys of $ 500. This is where the player made his initial bankroll for the next larger victories. And in 1999 at the age of 22, Allen won twice at the final table in the casino Bicycle.

Allen’s Achievements

First major achievements of Allen date back to 2001. This year he managed to win for the first time in seven-card stud poker with the buy in of $ 5,000, for that he was rewarded with a gold bracelet. Then he had to fight at the final table with Scott Fishman and Dave Elliott. And this tournament has brought him a total gain of more than 200 thousand dollars. However, the most successful year for the player was 2006, when his biggest gain at the WSOP exceeded the figure of $ 3 600 000. In total for that year Allen won over $ 4 million. The total gain for the entire playing career is about $ 10 million.

In 2005, at a ceremony held annually by WSOP, Allen managed to win the nomination “The best poker player”. Cunningham is also considered one of the best players among poker players under the age of 35. Besides, Allen holds a long-term contract with the team of Full Tilt, where he regularly plays online poker.

The latest major Allen’s victory was the gain of half a million dollars at Full Tilt, where he came first in the final of no-limit poker tournament.