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What is ABC Poker – How to Play ABC Poker Strategy

Some people think that poker is a gambling and pretty simple game, to play which it is enough to understand cards hands and basic rules. But poker is an intelligent game which requires strategic approaches, anticipation of rivals actions and own course in the game. If you decide to explore the mathematical side of this deeply meaningful game, you are to start with the basic strategy called ABC Poker.

What is ABC Poker

In fact, ABC Poker is a clearly defined system of the learned actions, effectiveness of which is time tested. This system greatly increases chances of success. ABC Poker strategy is particularly effective when dealing with distance with initial and low limits.

In short, ABC poker is a drawing of a small range of the best starting hands, good hit in aggressive play and clear understanding of how many outs you need to participate in full in the hand.

Having learned basis of this game, you can better understand principles of all the moves, subtleties of creating intrigue and, ultimately, develop your own strategy of behavior at the poker table. ABC Poker is an elementary school for players aspiring to become professionals, which helps to learn necessary discipline and “lets into” the mathematical world of poker.

Having mastered this strategy, you can ergonomically use complex combinations and timely adapt to the playing styles of your rivals.

Start with micro-limits

ABC poker strategy suggests simple solutions to avoid mistakes that can come at a price.

It is better to hone your mastery in this style at the micro-limits. Experienced players pretty quickly “read” their opponents who use ABC strategy, so it is rather carelessly to rely solely on this method of play in serious tournaments. Best of all, and most importantly, safest of all, is to gain experience at cash tables or sit-“n”-go tournaments.

Simple and laconic

ABC Poker basic strategy suggests linearity of the game without any unnecessary polishes and attempts to outwit the opponent. It is not recommended to risk own money in the knowingly prospectless draw. One can play aggressively and remain a participant of the hand till the end only in certain cases:

  • caught the flop;
  • pocket pairs;
  • monster draw.

It is also important to plan the size of your bet and to follow this rule.